Powerpoint Karaoke is coming Fri, March 2nd!

Startup Calgary’s 3rd PowerPoint Karaoke – March 2nd, 2012
When: Friday, March 2nd, 2012
Where: Melrose Cafe & Bar, downstairs in the theatre, 730 17th Ave SW
Time: 8:00pm

It’s back for 2012!!  Startup Calgary is pleased to present our 3rd PowerPoint Karaoke event, Friday March 3rd.  We have been having a ton of fun with this event and we can’t wait to host another one. Plus, we get to meet more people from the startup community in a fun and definitely more casual way.
Come down to Melrose Cafe at 8pm, enjoy some drinks and have some fun. You can either watch other people present, or try your hand at a three minute presentation yourself. Not sure how it works? Basically, presenters get up and present for three minutes with slides they’ve never seen before that advance every 15 seconds.  It’s all in good fun, nothing too serious.  The bonus?  It will help improve your presentation and pitching skills while having a great time!

Here’s the catch: After you present, you get to give your 60 second pitch (but only if you choose to).  At the end of all the presentations, a panel of judges (from the crowd) will vote the winning presenters for best 60 second pitch and for best PPKaraoke pitch.  So – to win, you must participate in Powerpoint Karaoke, then give your pitch. Plus, the best PP Karaoke star gets bragging rights!  Want to volunteer or be one of the judges? Email us at  info@startupcalgary.ca

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