Startup Story: Golden Environmental Mat Services & SmartMat™

An interview with Steve Fisher, CEO at Golden Environmental Services & SmartMat™


For those unfamiliar, please explain what SmartMat™ does.

Golden Environmental Mat (GEM) Services is an owner operated access and rig matting company that is revolutionizing our industry. Matting is a commodity. We are focused on transforming this asset class and the business model through the use of RFID/GPS and platform analytic technologies. Our SmartMat™ System will facilitate a new ownership opportunity for the commodity of matting, and ensure all cradle to grave management practices are possible.

Why do you do it? What problem are you solving?

We originally formed our company because both Founders, originally from Golden, BC, had major accidents and we realized we wanted to leave a legacy for our kids.  

“Our vision is to make positive contributions to the world through our work and personal lives.”

Our passions include; enjoying the great outdoors, building lasting relationships, growing happy/healthy families and investing our time into significant projects that will improve our industry. I am so happy to be a part of the SmartMat™ team.

The problem with big, and often remote, infrastructure construction projects is that the logistics of managing these highly complex projects is very costly.  We use an embedded and automated RFID & GPS based data capture system that collects all important project data without the need for human intervention.  This accurate and timely data is then available to clients via our online SmartMat™ dashboard. Removing manual mat counting and equipment tracking allows us to provide 100% accurate reporting and reduce data capture costs.

What motivated you to apply to be a showcase company at Launch Party 2015?

We believed our story was worth telling! We wanted to share our story with the startup community, while increasing public knowledge of advanced digital solutions within the Oil and Gas industry.  

Highlights since Launch Party 2015

What are some significant milestones that your company has achieved since being showcased at Launch Party 2015?

We are adapting our solution to track other assets. We are developing a system to track tools and supplies for GE Renewables. We will track thousands of tools and a multitude of high value supplies across dozens of projects throughout North America.  This solution is applicable to all capital projects on a global scale, and GE will be acting as a channel partner to those markets.

What does your company have in store for the fall of 2016?

We have just begun project development and anticipate commercializing our GE Renewables system in 2017.

This system will be embedded, so it will not require manual scanning to track assets. We will be using a wider array of RFID hardware to track different tools and parts. The system will also be capable of ensuring all tools and parts are in the right place at the right time to ensure staff are continuously equipped with what they need to complete a job.

GE is building Predix to be the Platform for the Industrial Internet of Things, and we’ll be a preferred partner. Clients will be able to leverage analytics across all segments of their operations to deliver previously unattainable efficiencies. This will be how business is done in the 21st century.

How did Launch Party benefit you?

Launch Party helped us raise awareness, but unfortunately the Oil & Gas industry is going through some tough times which was limiting for us.  But the process of engaging in startup and following the path of entrepreneurship in Calgary requires a vast network.  These events facilitate that.

Advice Corner

How can startups make the most of their experience with Launch Party?

Take time to enjoy the evening! It is really all about networking and meeting like minded people.

What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take their idea on the back of a napkin into the marketplace?

Get ready to work harder than you ever have.  Make sure your family is supportive of your endeavours. Never stop trying! Leverage the startup support groups in Calgary, you will need help and advice from those who have already succeeded.

Launch Party 2016 is on November 17. Get tickets now!

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