Apply to Pitch at Startup Calgary’s 4th Annual Launch Party

Founded in 2010, Startup Calgary is an entrepreneur-led, grassroots, non-profit organization with the mission to activate startups, connect founders and grow the tech ecosystem in Calgary.

Launch Party is an annual celebration of Calgary’s startup community where 10 of the newest and most promising local tech startups are showcased to an audience of entrepreneurs, investors, government, corporations, media and more. Awards and prizes are given, and the community as a whole comes together to connect with one another and celebrate entrepreneurship.

Last year almost $100,000 worth of prizes were given out and over 400 people attended. We had guests from as far away as Toronto and San Francisco!

If you’re a startup in the in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) space that is less than two years old with under $2 million in revenue and a product on the market (or is close to having a product on the market), you would be a perfect fit.