Hack Nights – Tuesdays

Often times the most “fun” aspect of a startup is coming up with the great, shiny, whiz-bang idea. The brutal reality, however, is that dogged determination, brute force and unrelenting work ethic are what actually builds a startup into a successful company. In the very early stages of working on a startup, the workload, uncertainty and risk are all massive. We consider Hack Nights to be similar to “Sunday Church for Startups” and an opportunity to connect with your community, stay inspired and learn from your peer group.

Hack Night YYC is a weekly event that takes place every Tuesday at Assembly Coworking Space (Suit 400 – 119 14th Street NW). It aims to unite the entire pre-startup ecosystem in Calgary to spend at least one night every week hacking away, building their startup. While the focus is on heads down work, time will be made every week to check in with the rest of the community and push each other to progress quicker. When you add free beer and Red Bull into the mix, you’ve got a winning formula.

Anyone can attend Hack Nights. There is no charge to attend and they are open to anyone in the community. Sign up for our Meetup Group for more info about Hack Nights and other meetups we facilitate.