Virtual Experiences - Beakerhead

Hosted by Chic Geek

What’s all the hubub with Virtual Experiences lately? Isn’t it just a way to play cooler video games? Au Contraire my fine reader! Innovative virtual technology is now making a splash in everything from real estate to product prototyping, as well as pushing entertainment to be way cooler. Join us for this very exciting Beakerhead event where we explore both the fun and practical applications of virtual experiences as well as where we’re headed with it.
Listen and get inspired by our expert speakers who use virtual technology in their work and daily lives.

Following the talks, we will break into curated round table discussions intended to give the community time to meet each other, meet the experts, learn from each other, and build valuable relationships. This is your opportunity to listen, learn, and leave with tangible steps to go from curious to capable with a team of Chic Geeks supporting you along the way.


Enmax District Energy 407 9 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0R9, Canada

Wednesday, 13 September

The event has ended

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