Ideas Den

Hosted by Innovate Calgary

Do you have an idea for a new product?

Would you like to validate your idea by knowing what other people think about your innovation before you start developing it and putting money in it?

This Meetup is your chance to pitch your idea, receive feedback and ask for help in developing it further. 

In addition to the feedback from the audience, there will be professional Product Designers that will be there evaluating your ideas and giving you the information you need to take the next step.

Even if you don’t currently have an idea to pitch, this is a great opportunity to see how other designers think and a way to potentially start a collaboration with an inventor looking for help. In few words, this is going to be a WIN-WIN situation.

Be aware that everyone that is attending the event is going to need to sign an NDA(Non-disclosure Agreement) which means that you will not be able to discuss the ideas spoken about, outside of this meetup.

Don't be afraid that someone can steal your ideas, the journey from concept to reality is long and arduous: "Ideas are cheap, execution is everything" 

This Meetup will take place if there are at least 15 people and 3 pitchers that sign up. Pitchers must contact me directly so that I am able to organize the flow of the meetup.

The Meetup website has a yearly cost so it will be $10.00 to attend this Product Design Meetups so that we will be able to keep this organization alive.


Innovate Calgary at Alastair Ross Technology Centre (Boardroom 5), 3553 31 Street NW

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Thursday, 21 September

The event has ended

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