Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Workshop

Blockchain technologies have emerged as a transformative opportunity capable of affecting several industries including: clean tech, logistics, open/e-government, transportation, healthcare, e-business, banking, natural resources, venture capital, and many others. 

The goal of the Summit Workshop is to bring together innovators, researchers, and practitioners, to generate a dialogue on blockchain technology, its many potential applications, in addition to the important security and privacy challenges related to blockchain technologies.

This Summit Workshop will explore the diverse areas that go beyond the best-known use for blockchains — cryptocurrency. Blockchains promise to address key challenges in a transparent, distributed and scalable way that allows for transactional verification and distributed data management. This new technology could transform how data is safeguarded in the absence of a centralized, trusted authentication authority typical of the approaches used currently.


  • You will learn how blockchains have enabled the development of Bitcoins (and other cryptocurrencies)

  • You will see how they now provide a foundation for new business opportunities

  • You will see how major corporate blockchain providers are delivering industrial

    strength systems in support of their innovative uses


  • You will meet leading international experts working on blockchain research

  • Current business opportunities enabled by blockchains will be discussed

  • Specific potential applications areas will be explored in breakout sessions with

    like-minded industry


  • A key goal is to facilitate conversations between those inventing new blockchain technologies and those interesting in applying them to real problems

  • Opportunities to discuss how government, academia, and industry can take advantage of collaboration opportunities through federal and provincial funding


University of Calgary, Roza Centre, 2500 University Dr NW

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Monday, 28 August

7 am – 5 pm

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