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Founded in 2010, Startup Calgary is the passionate advocate and collective voice for the entrepreneurial movement that is reshaping the life of every Calgarian. We exist to inspire and welcome people into our community by facilitating collisions of diverse people, ideas and skills.

By partnering with the best resources in and out of Calgary we foster startups, connect founders and support the local ecosystem with various activities and events.

How Can Startup Calgary Help You?

  • STARTUP DRINKS is a monthly meeting of like minded people wanting to discuss the trials, tribulations and success of startups.
  • MOBILE MONDAY takes place the first Monday of each month with a feature topic of happenings in the mobile app world.
  • ASK AN EXPERT SERIES capitalizes on local experts in the fields of legal, insurance, funding, media social media and other areas impacting your startup business.
  • STARTUP WEEKEND in 54 hours you will experience the highs, lows, fun and pressure that make up life as a startup. Learn how to create a real company, meet local mentors, investors, cofounders and sponsors ready to help you get started.
  • LAUNCH PARTY STARTUP - Apply and receive the benefits of pitch coaching and other mentoring opportunities plus be one of ten local startups celebrated during Launch Party in November.
  • LAUNCH PARTY - Join 500 plus members of the startup community to celebrate those entrepreneurs taking their ideas and making them reality.

Meet the Team

  • Hisham Al-Shurafa
    Hisham Al-Shurafa

    Past President

  • Alice Reimer
    Alice Reimer


  • Pieter Boekhoff
    Pieter Boekhoff


  • Valerie McIntyre-Baird
    Valerie McIntyre-Baird


  • Jim Gibson
    Jim Gibson


  • Andrew Browne
    Andrew Browne


  • Jason Innes
    Jason Innes


  • Brad Pierce
    Brad Pierce

    Legal Advisor, BLG

  • Kari Gordon
    Kari Gordon

    Executive Director

  • Riley Kearl
    Riley Kearl

    Community Events Lead

  • Jenn Egroff
    Jenn Egroff

    Events Coordinator

  • Dario Hudon-Verrelli
    Dario Hudon-Verrelli

    Mobile Monday Event Lead

  • Danielle Torrie
    Danielle Torrie

    Marketing Coordinator

  • Jenn Egroff
    Jenn Egroff

    Community Manager, Lighthouse Labs and Principal, Catalystica

  • Kylie Toh
    Kylie Toh

    Founder and Executive Director, the Chic Geek

  • Cynthia Van Sundert
    Cynthia Van Sundert

    Executive Director, the A100

  • Tony Grimes
    Tony Grimes

    Founder, Pixels and Pints

  • Eric Kryski
    Eric Kryski

    Founder and Organizer, YYCjs

  • Tim Uruski
    Tim Uruski

    Organizer, YYC Ruby Meetup

  • Laurie Gloge
    Laurie Gloge

    Creative Instigator, Friendly Road Projects

  • Donna McTaggart
    Donna McTaggart

    Organizer, Social Media Breakfast (SMBYYC)

  • Hannah Cree
    Hannah Cree

    Community Connector

  • Steve McIlvenna
    Steve McIlvenna

    Director of Entrepreneur Development, Innovate Calgary

  • Re Carlson
    Re Carlson

    Organizer Word Press

  • Craig Pfau
    Craig Pfau

    Organizer, Calgary Game Developer Association

  • Garlon Yau
    Garlon Yau

    Organizer, Virtual Reality Meetup

  • Kari Gordon
    Kari Gordon

    Organizer, Startup Drinks

  • Alex Putici
    Alex Putici

    Founder of Work Nicer & Co-Founder of 100 Men Who Give a Damn Calgary

Join Our Team

Startup Calgary relies on the power of volunteers to assist with the various activities throughout the year. If you're interested in lending a hand with the events and contributing to the entrepreneurial community please contact

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