Startup Calgary’s New Vision: Focused on the Start

Big things are brewing for Startup Calgary and we’re thrilled to be announcing some major changes to our vision and focus.

Starting today, Startup Calgary will have a single, driving vision for the entire organization: Creating Startups.
As with every organization, resources are limited and we feel that if we try to be all things to all people that we will fail to deliver any value to our community. By focusing on the early stage, pre-startup ecosystem, we aim to get deep in the trenches and focus our efforts on building the next wave of disruptive tech companies right here in Calgary.

Narrowing Startup Calgary’s vision to being “Focused on the start” will see us only take on programs, projects and events that work towards:

  1. Sparking people’s ideas for building their own startup
  2. Getting people actively working on building their startup idea
  3. Assisting these “pre-startups” in getting the tools, resources, mentorship, funding and customers required to make the leap into being a full-time startup
Once a startup is working full time on their project, we will introduce them to some of the other incredible organizations working to build the tech ecosystem in Calgary such as AcceleratorYYC,Innovate CalgaryPlug and Play Canada and Assembly.
Right out of the gate, we are thrilled to announce a weekly event that will become the backbone of Startup Calgary going forward: Startup Calgary Hack Nights. Startup Calgary Hack Nights will be like Sunday church for Startups. The weekly gathering point to connect, learn and most importantly, build your startup.
We’re putting a massive call out to anyone that:
  1. Has an idea for a startup
  2. Is actively working to get a startup off the ground
  3. Is looking to work in a startup either as a student volunteer, intern or full time employee. We seriously love students so don’t be shy and come on out!
  4. Has the ability and experience to mentor, support or fund startups
If you fit into any of those categories, it’s time to book off Tuesday nights starting on Tuesday, March 26th. The details on Hack Nights are as follows:
  • 100% Free Access to anyone that wants to attend
  • Will run every Tuesday night from 5pm – 10pm. Once Tuesday nights fill up, we’ll look at other days and times.
  • Hack Nights proudly hosted at AcceleratorYYC, Calgary’s early stage tech co-working space located at: 2nd Floor: 1212 9th Ave SE
  • Full access to the entire Startup Calgary team alongside drop in mentorship, investor advice, free resources and general support as you build your startup
  • Hack Nights includes full access to desks, power outlets, boardrooms, whiteboards, meeting space, wifi and most importantly, free beer and Red Bull!
There’s no need to register for Hack Nights but if you have any questions or would like to chat more, contact Sean Collins ( or Jason Zeiler ( for more details. Our whole organization now exists to support creating more startups in Calgary and you can read about other events and programs we’ll be working on here.
We’re building something incredible in Calgary and we encourage you to join us. We will need advice, ideas, funding, partners, sponsors, entrepreneurs and supporters to fulfill this vision so take the time to reach out to Sean at if you can help in any way.
- The Entire Startup Calgary Team

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