SoJo announces public launch to transform ideas for global social change into action

Leading Social Innovation Provider Endorsed by United Nations Educational, Scientific and
Cultural Organization.

June 28, 2012. (Toronto, Canada) SoJo , a leading provider of tools and resources for social
innovators and social change, is excited to announce the official launch of its comprehensive
resources website The launch is the next step for SoJo becoming the leading
online resource for social innovators to turn ideas for social change into action.

“Since SoJo’s beta launch in fall 2011, we have worked hard at increasing the accessibility of
valuable information, knowledge and lessons learned for individuals wishing bring an idea
for social change into action.” said Kanika Gupta, SoJo’s founder and Chief Catalyst. “This
launch represents and enhances our commitment to the individual behind the idea, and takes
SoJo to the next level as an organization as we work to close the gap between the individual
and the knowledge they need. At SoJo, we remove the complications that occur when trying to
find fragmented and complex information to ensure that the individual can focus, incubate and
execute on their ideas for social change.”

Along with the launch, SoJo is excited to announce its endorsement by the United Nations
Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (“UNESCO”). This endorsement represents a
validation of the work that SoJo has been doing in bridging the gap between those looking for
help with their ideas and the necessary educational tools and direction that SoJo provides.

“The Canadian Commission for UNESCO is proud to support SoJo and believes that it is an
innovative initiative that will have a multiplier effect by providing a platform to bring together
social innovators who can collectively work toward finding solutions to global challenges”, said
David Walden, Secretary-General of Canadian Commission for UNESCO.

The official launch of SoJo provides more resources and information for individuals looking to
turn their ideas into action. The service provides a step-by-step guide to achieving social change.
SoJo is a self-guided online resource for individuals to use to develop ideas allowing those at the
intersection of social change to find exactly what they are looking for and at any stage in their

In its beta phase, SoJo has reached over 15,000 social innovators since November 2011. “With
SoJo, we were able to clarify our vision and articulate our goals clearly for the future”, said
Karim Sultan, from Kalimat Magazine. “Engaging with and being part of a community of social
innovators and change agents is exciting and enabling. Kalimat discovered early on that there
are many other initiatives with varying degrees of overlap, so that kind of communication and
mutual support can only have a positive result”.

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